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We are a team of consultants who specialise in and share the values of open research with a focus on scholarly communications, and research information management, policy, and infrastructures.

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Working with and for scholarly communications and research organisations

We provide services for organisations of all shapes and sizes: not-for-profit and commercial; small and large; local, national, and international; funders, libraries, publishers, research institutions, infrastructure organisations, startups, and more. We offer collaborative consulting services, designed to encourage contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.

From a one-hour conversation about a specific challenge or opportunity, to project co-design and execution, to a long-term partnership, we are here to help your organisation succeed!


Programme review


Market research

Landscape analysis

Business model design

Community outreach strategy


Community outreach implementation/engagement

Startup coaching and growth strategy

Our Clients

Built on cooperative principles, MoreBrains strongly supports the open research movement, whose values are central to our organisation.

We are proud to be an official member of Co-operatives UK.

Center for Open Science

“We commissioned two detailed investigative reports related to the persistent identifiers landscape from MoreBrains Cooperative and have been highly impressed with the quality of their work. They worked on time and to budget, providing updates and opportunities for our feedback along the way. We particularly appreciated the flexibility of MoreBrains in accommodating our requests for adjustments to the deliverables in response to their mid-point findings and our emerging needs.

The final reports contained a comprehensive and thorough business and technical analysis situated in a global contemporary landscape with identification of current trends. The reports achieved a good balance of summary vs. detail with clear options and logical recommendations for us to select from. MoreBrains have certainly earned their namesake and we would definitely hire them again.


Natasha Simons

Associate Director, Data & Services, Australian Research Data Commons

“I worked with Fiona Murphy and her colleagues on a project that developed a business model for a  grant-funded project on which I served as a co-PI. The assignment started with a number of moving parts, and that list grew even larger as the team investigated the landscape for distributing and measuring the use of open-access monographs.

We were working on a short time frame – less than three months from start to draft deliverables – and Fiona and her team made the most of it, conducting interviews, developing a business model canvas, and delivering a working model based on their findings and assessments. Throughout, Fiona kept us wholly engaged through regular calls, emails, and sample deliverables that tested what they were developing. They made their mark quickly, effectively, and consultatively, the three things you most want in an engagement.”


Brian F. O’Leary

Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group

“MoreBrains Cooperative’s approach was critical to the success of our work on the Openness Profile. Fiona and Phill took what we wanted to achieve and worked with our experts, along with numerous stakeholders, to understand and map its full implications and requirements. Their expertise and creativity guided us through the complex challenge to create a community-validated roadmap to success.”

Bas Cordewener

Jisc International Facilitator / Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

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